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Raising a Bilingual Child: 5 Things Parents Should Do

Raising a bilingual child is an admirable goal, and many studies have proven the benefits. However, introducing and teaching a second language to your kids is a whole family endeavor. If you want your child to be truly bilingual, you will be devoting significant effort, consistency and commitment. Start Introducing a Language to Your Kids […]

The Best French Children’s Books for 3-8 year-olds

This month we’ve asked our French teachers the must-read classical French books for children 3 to 8 years old. Our teachers also gave us their favorite French books, the ones they love and that engage children the most. Teaching your kid French can start with a good classical French book that you can read over […]

Why Bilingualism at an Early Age is a Huge Advantage

One of the joys and burdens that every parent faces, regardless of circumstance, is the constant feeling of wanting to instill the values, skills, knowledge, and work ethic in their kids that is going to give them the very best chance of success.

Cooking classes for our little chefs!

Last week we celebrated La Chandeleur – a French tradition dear to us French people. La Chandeleur was initially celebrated as a Christian holiday known as Candlemas in English. Before becoming a Christian holiday, La Chandeleur was also a time when several pagan traditions would celebrate the approach of spring and the earth’s bounty. Today, […]

Give Your Preschooler The Gift of Education

‘Tis the season to shop! We are all checking our lists, once and twice, looking to find unique gifts for our little ones. Rather than the next toy that will get lost in the toy box, think about a gift that will stimulate your child’s mind. We’ve put together the perfect holiday shopping list of […]

Bilingual Bebe Overview Teaching Foreign Language to Preschoolers at the French Morning Bilingual Fair

Anissa Bouderraoui, Bilingual Bebe’s Founder and CEO along with our Program Director, Ludivine Poyac, recently shared information about our online bilingual preschool/after-school programs at the Bilingual Fair of London. Bilingual Bebe is an online bilingual preschool and after-school program that is disruptive in its format and different from what is currently available. Children will enjoy […]