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Frequently Asked Questions
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Why Bilingual Bebe
What are the benefits of bilingualism?

Among the many proven benefits of bilingualism, research has shown that bilingual children tend to be more creative thinkers as bilingualism shapes the brain capability to think outside the box. Brain functions stay sharper as they age. Bilingualism has a positive effect on intellectual growth and enhances a child’s mental development. In addition, bilingual children are predisposed to enjoy better cognitive skills. At school, children speaking another language perform better in academic tests. Their brain is kept active, alert and sharp to strike a balance when handling different tasks.

Why are you different from any other online classes?

Bilingual Bebe is an online bilingual preschool providing children more than just French language classes. Our virtual programs are designed to engage preschool-aged children through fun and interactive lessons and activities. Your child will enjoy many of the same experiences they would have in an in-person preschool setting, getting introduced to math, reading and writing and getting ready for kindergarten while learning the French language. Your preschooler is part of a class with a dedicated teacher and other children their age and ability, where they will interact and engage with one another. Our teachers are early childhood certified experts with a minimum of 2 years of experience as a head teacher in a preschool.

Will I have my dedicated teacher?

Yes, each parent/child will have their own dedicated preschool teacher that they can reach out to and communicate with should they have any questions via our online platform. If you opt for the Dual language program you will have 2 dedicated teachers: your French native teacher and your English speaking teacher. We follow the golden rule of “one person, one language” which is the best route to bilingualism. In both cases your child will belong to one class with the same classmates. You will also have access to weekly enrichment classes if you opt for more than 3 sessions a week.

Will my 3-year-old stay focused for 45 minutes?

Yes! At Bilingual Bebe, we only hire experienced early childhood educators and we make sure that our groups are kept to a maximum of 8 kids which allows our teachers to give their attention to each and everyone. Children interact with one another as well. They’re having so much fun that one of our parents most popular feedback is that time actually flies by!

What if my child doesn’t speak French at all?

We make sure to group children by level of French proficiency and by age group for them to benefit fully from the program.

Will I have the time for this?

At Bilingual Bebe, we understand that being a parent is a full-time job and we do everything to make it easy for you. A daily routine is important for a child’s development, but we understand that life happens. If you cannot make it to a session you will have access to a recording of the missed session. Our guided developmental activities are easy, age appropriate, go-to activities that are manageable for preschoolers with little or no supervision needed. We also provide material to your door* and email you a list of any additional supplies you might need ahead of time.

What is a dual language program?

At Bilingual Bebe we follow the golden rule of “one person, one language” which has proven to be the best methodology for bilingualism. In the dual language program, you will alternate full immersion French circle time classes and full English classes every other day (depending on the number of classes per week you’ll opt for ). That way your child gets the benefits of learning in French and in English at the same time. The content is not the same between the 2 classes but we will follow the same theme of the week and the same educational program.

What is a full immersion program?

In the full immersion program, all your classes will be held in French with a French native early childhood teacher.

Can I cancel if this isn’t for me?

Yes! Bilingual Bebe offers a flexible, month to month subscription-based program tailored to parents’ schedules and needs. You can cancel or pause at any time (at the end of each month).

We also offer a free 2 class trial with every subscription.

What’s included in the material we receive each month?

You will receive most of the supplies needed to reproduce the activities during circle time and the extra-curricular ones. Material is delivered in the US only and for members that opt for a minimum of 4 sessions per week.

What comes with my Bilingual Bebe subscription?

Depending on the format you chose, you will have access to 45 minutes of circle time in French or circle time in French and in English every other day, weekly enrichment classes, access to your dedicated teacher at any time via our online platform, daily guided activities in the form of video content and the corresponding materials delivered every month.delivered to your door. You’ll also have access to our parent community.

How much does a subscription cost?

Please refer to our Pricing Page.

Is it safe?

Having your trust and keeping your child safe is our first priority. All teachers are background checked and vetted before interacting with children. This includes running their finger prints against US Federal databases and in all 50 states. We also are using fully encrypted video chat via Zoom. You canread about their security measures for more information.